Smart Watch W-11

Complete and elegant W-11 watch that incorporates numerous functions and the latest BT 4.0 technology. Unotec W-11 has all synchronized with your Smartphone to show you call log, SMS, music playback, notifications, email... In addition, it allows you to accept and make calls comfortably thanks to its integrated speaker and microphone. You can also use it as a bluetooth photo trigger. The pedometer function allows you to control the calories burned, record your daily steps and set an objective in your daily exercise. The sleep monitor evaluates the way we sleep to determine the quality of our sleep. High contrast and high sensitivity touch screen. Includes photo and video camera.

Price: 54 EUR + shipping

Smart Watch W-12

Phone function: Making phone calls directly from the smart watch, including answering and dial-up. SIM slot,Single SIM card (micro SIM card) can be as a phone,support make calls by Bluetooth or smart watch;
GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900(2G); Call, hand free, call record, phone book; Bluetooth phone call. Sync functions: Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Browser (needs to insert a 2G/2.5G network SIM card); time, schedule,
reading text messages; Sport & health: Pedometer, sleep monitoring, sedentary reminder. Two working modes: One of them is company ' s mode (Bluetooth). It enables making or receiving calls, sending or getting
messages etc. via Bluetooth. The other one is Network mode(Sim Card inserted). It enables making calls and sending or getting messages via the inserted SIM card which means this watch works as a real cellphone.

Price: 39 EUR + shipping

Smart Watch W-13

We have seen a lot of amazing smartwatches from Ordro but just when we thought we have seen them all, it just unveils another. The Ordro X86 3G Smartwatch Phone is a low budget watch which delivers features just like
the high-end devices. Though it is considered to be a low-budget device, we cannot ignore the fact that its simple design is acceptable considering its cheap price tag.

Price: 68 EUR + shipping