Our thermoelectric register system regulates temperature of each individual room of your home or workplace, while simultaneously eliminating any present airborne mites, germs, allergens and viruses. Additionally, as our system effectively kills mold, it is a natural air odor eliminator.

Adding our universal product to your central unit will enable you to control the temperature of all of the rooms in your home separately which ultimately saves money and energy, making any environment eco-friendly and cost effective.

Imagine your home or workplace with each room cooled or heated to your desired temperature with healthier air!

Price: 100 EUR + shipping


How it Works

Our thermoelectric register system is connected to the central unit and using only one thermostat or any phone with wifi capability, it regulates the temperature in each room according to your setting preferences.

Our universal thermo-regulatory devices contain a UV light which efficiently kills 99,9% of airborne pathogens and microorganisms like mold, bacteria and viruses, reducing indoor air pollutants almost entirely.